Becca Adams

Carley Heck
Jayne Williky


First Grade

Jennifer Bisballe
Karly Burley
Leah Robertson
Tiffani Griffard (ASPIRE)


Second Grade

Karen Blackwell
Brittany Cohen
Samantha Sifford

Bailey Cook
Colleen Patton (ASPIRE)


Third Grade

Kimberly Graham
Bryan Hendrickson
Johna Mannen

Rebecca Davis (ASPIRE)
Lynette Hollinger (ASPIRE)


Fourth Grade

Tricia Jones
Cheryl Searle
Donna Waters
Leigh Ballard (ASPIRE)
Jennifer Spence (ASPIRE)

Jill Welch (ASPIRE L/T SUB)


Fifth Grade


Jenn Towery

Christi Robertson
Rion Wahpekeche
Christina Hayes (ASPIRE)
Charlotte Weinstein (ASPIRE)




Miranda Beckmann - Speech Therapist

Jennifer Davis - Diagnostician

Annette Fennelly - Special Education

Beth Fountain - Learning Liaison

Sherlene Jaffray - Librarian

Liz Giblin - Nurse

Anjali Gilby - Math Specialist

Wynette Griffin - Principal

Angela Harris - GT Lead

Holly Ihrig - Front Office

Rachel Keyser - Data Secretary 

Michael Maupin - P.E.

Kat Baldwin - P.E. Assistant

Julia May - Art

Virginia McCauley - Music

Jennifer McNamara - Literacy Specialist

Lauren Vise - Asst. Principal

Emily Young - Counselor







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